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Tomcat Traps

Tomcat traps are the perfect way to increase the stickiness of your ecommerce products. They are non-toxic and offer increased trapping activity while providing enhanced non-toxic finish. They come in 4 colors and hold up to 12 products.

Deals for Tomcat Traps

These glue boards capture ants and mice in use so you can see them and non-toxic for four people. They are a 4 in pk.
we have a newtomcat4glue traps that are perfect for the home of the mouse. With these traps, you will have an extra strong grip on your mouse and they will stick to your hand better than traditional traps.
this is a great way to keep your tomcat area clean and safe. These traps will capture and store the rats for future use. You can also use them to store mouse food for future use. This is a two pack of glue traps and they can be easily placed with a rat size catch.